Bob Bardwell

Bob Bardwell

Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy and Customer Success

Bob Bardwell joined SMS Assist in September 2017 as vice president of implementation. Bob and his team quickly identified opportunities that evolved the client onboarding process through enhanced role definition, early engagement in the sales cycle and technology enablement.

In June 2018, Bob became the senior vice president of operations for facilities services. In his current role, Bob focuses on maximizing client experiences, building a culture of development and growth for SMSers and equipping our leaders with more real-time and data-driven operational insight.

Prior to SMS Assist, Bob spent seven years at Rackspace Hosting. During his time, he built high-leverage capabilities and fixed sub-optimized parts of the company with outsized impacts on growth and customer loyalty. Among other notable accomplishments, Bob played a key role in evolving the Rackspace enterprise support model, which lead to success with Fortune 500 clients. Bob has experience in accounting, operations, technology and corporate strategy.

Prior to joining Rackspace, Bob worked at KPMG as a senior associate in their federal and financial service practices. Bob holds a BBA and MS from Texas Tech University’s Jerry S. Rawls College of Business.