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What Does SMS Stand For?

At SMS, we are known for a lot of things: our technological advancements in the facilities maintenance industry, our start-up spirit, even our location in Chicago’s iconic John Hancock Building. But there is one unknown that is asked by virtually everyone we meet…

“What does SMS stand for?”

This ambiguous acronym is always a glaring query in the minds of prospective hires, clients and Affiliates alike. You won’t find the answer on any FAQ section or hidden deep on our company overview page, and that’s because the answer isn’t as simple as you may think.

Today, our name does not stand for a defined abbreviation; rather, it acts a tribute to our long history in the facilities maintenance industry. The name stems from Sanitation Management Services, the original title of the self-performing floor care service provider that our CEO, Mike Rothman, took leadership of in the early 2000s.

Fast forward to 2016: SMS has become a pivotal member of the Chicago tech community. With a development team over 100 strong in Changsha, Hunan, our proprietary technology has become unrivaled in the facilities maintenance industry. We also have built up an impressive roster of trade experts in over 45 different service areas, a far cry from our original offerings.

Despite all of these changes and technological advancements since SMS’ early days, our goal of ensuring that every client has a high-quality maintenance experience remains the same. Our name represents our legacy in the industry and is a constant reminder of our initial purpose.

But as a company, what we stand for is much greater than three simple letters. SMS has four core values that articulate the principles that our team members live by each and every day:

ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: Our innovative staff doesn’t rely on the way things have always been done. We are constantly striving to find new and better ways to approach daily complications and larger industry issues.

ONE TEAM: Although our various departments represent an assortment of specializations and expertise, all teams at SMS are united under one vision: To provide clients peace of mind for their multi-property portfolios. This tenet promotes interdepartmental collaboration and cohesion throughout our company.

PASSION FOR SERVICE: Not only do we specialize in providing a high-quality customer service experience for all of our clients, but we are also passionate about serving charities in our community through SMS Serves. Each SMS team member is given one paid day off per year to volunteer for a selection of charities throughout Chicago that are chosen and voted on by our entire staff.

INTEGRITY: At SMS, we pride ourselves in having a strong moral compass and making business decisions that are based in honesty and respect. We’re big fans of the “Golden Rule,” and believe in treating Affiliates, clients and fellow team members with sincerity and fairness in all aspects of our work.

Do these values resonate with you?

If these principles align with yours, we have a lot in common! Consider applying for an open position with SMS Assist. We’re always looking for passionate applicants to help grow our team.

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