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Running a business means making lots of choices. When it comes to facilities management programs, designing one can feel like encountering a crossroads. Self-managed programs. Outsourced programs. Hybrid programs. They all have their benefits and challenges—your facilities program can be just as unique and tailor-fit as the rest of your business.

Whatever your game plan, scalability matters. When business needs change, your facilities...

SMS Assist - Coming out of COVID-19

We are currently facing one of our mightiest struggles, and COVID-19 is changing our world as we know it. But we are learning a lot from this pandemic, including our need to connect and the importance of being creative and adaptable.

The same can be said for businesses, especially retailers. As we continue to navigate the current state of our world, we must also look to the future. What trends do we anticipate coming out of this...

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The benefits of implementing a deep cleaning program are many, and if you do it now, you’ll be ahead of the new expectation of clean coming out of coronavirus.

It’s up to us—companies like yours and maintenance providers like SMS Assist—to do our part in preventing the spread of coronavirus in our communities. So we’ve been having a lot of conversations with our customers around deep cleaning programs.


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Our day-to-days are changing. New trends are emerging. But business will continue to move forward. Earlier this week, SMS Assist’s president of residential services, Adam Love, and a panel of property management experts discussed how they are navigating the new normal during a webinar hosted by REI INK magazine.

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With more and more customers flocking to your essential business, your employees are busier than they’ve ever been, manning registers, greeting and assisting guests, and restocking shelves. That means they’re not always able to disinfect a shelf, sweep the floor, or take out the garbage. But now more than ever, your customers and employees are looking at the cleanliness of your stores.

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If your locations are temporarily inactive during this time, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure they’re prepared to reopen at the first available opportunity.

Even when your locations are experiencing minimal or no foot traffic, your facilities will continue to change as time goes on. Problems that were minor or insignificant before the closure might deepen and present serious obstacles. If your stores go unattended...

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Essential businesses are currently seeing a surge in traffic during a time when most of the world is slowing down. But with increased visitors comes new challenges, including the need for new and more frequent maintenance services. To keep up, you need providers who are not only able to perform work, but who are equipped with necessary defenses. Now is the time to ensure your provider network is stronger than ever.

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Every business has focused its attention on how to properly ensure the safety of employees, customers, and partners in light of the challenges presented by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Maintaining smooth operations during a time like this isn’t easy. Even if your business is temporarily closed, there are core facilities services you should maintain to ensure health, security, and optimum functioning.

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As businesses remain open to deliver essential goods and services during this uncertain time, it’s important for providers who are working at these properties to remain aware of protocols that can help keep their team and customers healthy. The guidelines below can bring you peace of mind that you’re doing everything you can to keep your technicians safe, so that you can continue to serve your customers and communities.

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Whether you manage a network of convenience stores or are the regional facilities director for essential healthcare treatment locations, controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is of critical importance.

Here are a few simple steps you can take with your HVAC units to protect your physical locations, your employees, and those you serve during this global pandemic: