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Top tech solutions to improve maintenance efficiency and productivity

Modern technology improves productivity and efficiency in nearly every field. Just as the internet, email and smartphones revolutionized society, new technologies are quickly changing the way companies do business. To remain competitive, you need to get on board. While technology often comes with startup costs, the initial investment quickly turns to profit. Key into these technology solutions to boost your business efficiency in 2017 and beyond.

1. Online learning with webinars

Getting all the employees in one room for a training requires a lot of planning, not to mention a room to host the meeting. But with online resources, like GoToWebinar and ClickMeeting, you can have your team tune in virtually.

Don’t need all the bells and whistles? Try hosting a meeting with a free service like Skype or Google Hangouts.

2. Electronic signatures

Waste less trees, time and money by signing documents electronically, which is legally binding for almost every business or personal transaction in the United States and around the world. Look for programs like Docusign that make this process easy.

3. Increase communication

Owners and contractors can collaborate from afar with apps for reporting and document sharing. The employees on the job can collect information, snap pictures and ask questions, then share that with their team in real time.

Consider online plan rooms, which allow general contractors and owners to share project information with subcontractors, suppliers and other team members.

4. Record documentation for compliance regulations

Store your photos, videos and any other records you need for compliance with electronic document management solutions. You can then access the records via a secure online document portal from any mobile device.

5. Task management software

Replace your scrap paper to-do lists with task management software that your entire team can access. Work together to achieve faster results. Look for programs like Trello and Asana that can make task management easier to tackle.

Implementing time-saving and cost-effective technology like the tools we mentioned above may take time, but in the end, you'll be happy with the result. Invest the time to figure out your goals for the year and see what areas of the company could use some streamlining. From there, seek out tech solutions that will help you create efficiencies and improve your bottom line.

Are there any tech solutions you’ve found helpful that we didn’t mention? Feel free to let us know how certain technology has changed your business.

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