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Social Media ideas for contracting companies

By now you probably know it is a good idea for your company to have a social media presence. After all, more than 2 billion internet users have active social media accounts. A social media account provides a (mostly) free way to reach potential customers, build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty. However, maintaining active social media accounts takes time. If you do not have as much time and resources to invest in social media as you would like, try implementing these quick and easy social media content ideas.

1. Testimonials

Are your customers reviewing you on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List or Home Advisor? Ask them to provide those glowing reviews on your social media pages . Not only do you not have to do any work to post it, but it will help build trust with potential customers.

2. Before and after photos

Not all trades are visual, but when it comes to remodeling, painting and landscaping, consumers love a good before and after photo. This gives you a chance to showcase your best work to potential customers. Just simply snap some photos before and after a job. Pro tip: It is best if the before and after photos are from the same angle.

3. Share industry news

Your company does not have to produce all the content you share. If you read an interesting article about your industry, share it. Feel free to include a sentence or two summing up the article or adding to the conversation. Tag the account that created the content you are sharing. This is a great way to build social media connections.

4. Post Deals

Building a social media community is one thing, but if you can get people to go from the social media site to contacting you for work, then you will know you are doing something right. Post a special offer on your social media pages that customers can show you or tell you they saw when booking a job. People will also be likely to share these posts, growing your audience.

5. Be authentic

Whatever you choose to share on social media, be consistent and true to your brand. The most important part of a good social media presence is customer service. Respond to people who write on your wall or Tweet at your company, even if their comment is negative. This shows that you are a company that cares about customers. Even if you do not have ample time or employees to dedicate solely to social media, you can do these things to stay in your customers’ timelines.

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