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Can snow removal be strategic?

While you may be enjoying the longer days, blossoming gardens, and warmer weather, now's the time to start thinking about your facilities' snow removal plan. Although spring has sprung, thinking ahead to make sure all your facilities are prepared for the snowy winter months ahead is critical to your organizations' facilities management plan. While we can't control Mother Nature, you can plan for and manage snow removal services to produce the best possible outcome.

At SMS Assist, we provide a strategic, measurable, and controlled solution to snow removal, so you can have a centralized and efficient facilities management plan across your organization. Why choose a snow strategy over a reactive solution? Read on to learn more:

A Fragmented Industry

The snow removal industry is highly fragmented. With over 50,000 contractors across the country and low barriers to entry, you may find yourself hiring a less than qualified contractor when you wait until snow is falling to call for help. You want to make sure the job is done right to avoid legal claims, property damage, diminished brand reputation, and other negative side effects caused by unsafe facilities. With holiday shopping and increased revenue during the winter months, you especially want to make sure your facilities are up and running, and hiring a qualified and professional contractor is of utmost importance to make sure your facilities are prepared.

Limited Visibility

While taking a reactive approach to snow removal may result in an inexperienced contractor and lower quality of work at the individual facility level, not having a strategic plan can also lead to larger company-wide issues. Concerns such as limited access to benchmarks, unclear cost data, and no ability to verify and reconcile invoices for facility-level services means that the costs spent for snow removal are hard to track down, making them an invisible annual spend. In addition, there's no visibility into vendor and contractor performance, meaning your facilities could potentially hire bad contractors time and time again. These limitations create a high-risk situation that can hurt your overall business continuity plan, and can lead to higher costs.

Change This Cycle

Our proprietary technology platform and team of experienced contractors give you quality assurance, data visibility, and a dependable snow removal service for all of your facilities. The insights and reporting our platform provides can save your entire organization money, and can strengthen your overall facilities management plan in a measurable way.

Need a Snow Strategy? We Can Help.

Now is the time to become proactive with your snow removal planning. Request a demo to see how we can reduce your cost, improve snow removal response time, and increase service quality. Our facilities management solution can help you unlock operational savings that were previously unattainable. Contact us today and move your snow removal plan from reactive to proactive to strategic with SMS Assist.

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