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Our Affiliates talk about their relationship with SMS Assist.

Affiliate Advantage

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Grow your business

Our technology platform is the highway that integrates all stakeholders in our value chain, but our Affiliates are where the rubber meets the road.

By equipping our Affiliates with our work order software, market density of locations and growing pipeline of SMS Assist work orders, we enable them to gain more subcontracting opportunities and ultimately grow their businesses.

Start Growing Your Business

Fundamentally changing our Affiliates’ economics

With increased efficiencies across the board through:

Market Density Efficiencies

Market Density Efficiencies

Through route optimization we are able to cluster our Affiliates’ jobs into smaller service areas. Our Affiliates spend less time behind the wheel and more time increasing their revenue.

Sales & Marketing Savings

Sales & Marketing Savings

Our operations managers curate work in each Affiliates’ coverage area, so their business grows as we grow—expense free.

Back-office Savings

Back-office Savings

Our technology streamlines the service verification and invoicing process, which reduces costs for our Affiliates.

Quality Control Savings

Quality Control Savings

With real-time feedback on every service, our Affiliates experience a reduced need for return trips and don’t have to worry about work-validation costs.

Equipment & Supplies Savings

Equipment & Supplies Savings

Through the Assist Purchasing Program, our Affiliates gain access to exclusive deals on the equipment and supplies they need.

Improved Working Capital

Improved Working Capital

With timely payments automated through our platform, we reduce our Affiliates’ Days Sales Outstanding.

Top 10 reasons to become an SMS Affiliate

Grow your maintenance business. A partnership with SMS Assist affords our Affiliates countless business benefits. From our proprietary technology that streamlines work order management and saves back-office time and money, to our unparalleled route density that reduces crews' windshield time, improves speed of service and lowers variable costs, the advantages of working with SMS Assist are significant.

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Assist Purchasing Program

Fostering profitability through cost reduction.

At SMS Assist, we’re committed to helping our affiliate subcontractors run their maintenance businesses more efficiently. To further that commitment, our valued affiliates are welcome to take advantage of the SMS Assist Purchasing Program.

Through this program, affiliates can leverage SMS’ buying power to get great deals on maintenance equipment, materials and services they need to operate their business. From trucks to cellular data plans, we partner with key vendors across various industries to offer our valued affiliates exclusive pricing.

Assist purchasing offerings

  • Take a look at these special Assist Purchasing Program offerings that SMS Assist Affiliates enjoy. Sign up now to access these deals for free. Already in our network? Sign into your Affiliate Portal to take advantage of these deals.

Save up to $11,500 on your next truck from Saxon Fleet.


Up to 22% off your AT&T cell phone bill.


Special pricing on countless items at Grainger.


Discounted pricing on premium safety shoes from Lehigh Outfitter.


Discounted national pricing from Hertz Equipment Rental.


Receive a discount of 20% off your next oil change.

People are talking…

“SMS has assisted our company in growing through a difficult market. With the addition of their existing clientele and future prospects, we have been able to continue our growth instead of sitting stagnant or downsizing. The introduction of the mobile apps have helped our productivity by saving time, and the portal is easy to navigate and contains a multitude of useful data.”

  • Frank Kohler, Fox Glass Co, Inc.
  • Osteen, FL