Jianqing Zhao

Chief Information Officer

Jianqing Zhao joined SMS Assist in 2009, through the acquisition of SMS SMART. He is currently the CIO of SMS Assist. Mr. Zhao leads the development group in delivering the best proprietary technology and applies it to the facility maintenance industry. Mr. Zhao manages and oversees two SMS Assist development centers in China made up of about 60 people. He and his development team have designed and implemented MarketplaceSupport (MPS), which consists of a vendor management system, customer management system, call center dispatching system, store survey system and an IVR (Integrated Voice Response) system. He works closely with the CEO and chief innovation officer to create SMS Assist new technology, Snow and Ice Management (SIM), Recurring Maintenance System (RMS) and Global Services Management Platform (GSMP). Prior to SMS SMART, Mr. Zhao lead several IT development teams for large Fortune 1000 companies.

Mr. Zhao received a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems from the University of Fuzhou in China. After moving to the United States, he graduated with a bachelor's of the arts degree from Monroe College