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Caspar de Wijkerslooth

Vice President, Sales

Caspar de Wijkerslooth joined SMS Assist in November 2015 as Vice President of Sales, Financial Services, and is responsible for expanding the SMS’ services and solutions for financial service clients nationwide. By applying best sales practices and thought leadership, his focus is on helping clients maximize the value from partnering with SMS.

Caspar has worked in leading sales and management roles for Fidelity Information Services, SAP, Oracle and Kenshoo. In addition to his experience in the retail, travel and hospitality industries, Caspar has worked with many leading global financial institutions to understand and develop solutions for mutually beneficial outsourcing and multi-client processing arrangements, including enterprise business intelligence, performance management and enterprise resource planning deployments. His proven track record of helping customers achieve their goals will drive joint success for SMS’ clients and affiliates.

Caspar holds a master’s of science degree in quantitative general economics and a bachelor’s degree in econometrics from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands.