Ashley Rothman

Vice President Operations, Interior Services

Ashley Rothman joined SMS Assist in the summer of 2007, after attending Syracuse University where she majored in communications. Since joining the company, Ms. Rothman has served in various roles including project manager, account manager (for SMS’ largest customer), director, and most recently vice president operations, Interior Services. Having worked her way up through the company, Ms. Rothman gained a thorough understanding of the floor care and janitorial industry. Ms. Rothman is detail orientated with an entrepreneurial drive and a sincere client-service focus. Her positive outlook and industry expertise adds significant value to SMS Assist. During her tenure with SMS, Ms. Rothman has acquired a true appreciation for SMS’ Affiliates gaining a thorough understanding of the factors that influence their livelihoods. The mutual respect, trust and loyalty with her Affiliates have contributed to the successful management of the Interior Services division resulting in the tripling of revenues.

Ms. Rothman’s unique strength is the unmatched respect she receives from her team members and clients alike. Her ability to personally relate to nearly every position at each level in her department is reflected in her management approach. Due to her attention to detail and unparalleled ability to identify her clients’ needs, Ms. Rothman’s passion for productivity and effectiveness has led to establishing unprecedented efficiencies. This has transformed the Interior Division to be a team built around a culture of accountability and success.

Ms. Rothman’s clear focus on the needs of her clients, Affiliates and team members makes her stand out as a leader and strategic influencer for the SMS business model as a whole.