• Case Studies - Reduce Maintenance Costs

Case studies

Equipment & Supplies Savings

Work order management small box retailer goal: reduce work order costs

SMS reduced work order costs and improved efficiencies for a client with over 149,000 work orders being processed each year across 13 different trades.


  • Utilized route density to save affiliates time so they were able to focus on their job specifics
  • Leveraged resources to get favorable pricing and a commitment to service excellence
  • SMS subject-matter experts were able to troubleshoot and reduced frequency of repairs
  • Implemented a customized portal so the company could track every penny spent, with no extra fees


The client’s average cost per work order over time decreased by 10% in first three months. Over the course of one year, SMS Assist’s route density model provided greater efficiencies, culminating in an average cost savings per work order of 18%.

Significant Savings

Fully managed business solution small box retailer goal: reduce costs

SMS implemented a fully managed business solution in under 90 days for all of the facility services of an 8,300-location national retailer.


  • Centralized all FM needs through our 24/7/365 operational command center
  • Used exclusive mobile apps for affiliates to provide real-time validation of all services
  • Automated confirmation emails enabling immediate feedback


In addition to saving millions of dollars up front as well as through the life of the contract, the client was able to dramatically reduce internal spend and eliminate thousands of phone calls per month. Swift adoption of the solution resulted in greater savings than originally projected.

Fee Savings

Snow & ice management food & beverage goal: reduce operational costs during major weather events

SMS Assist trimmed the spend for a big box retailer with 2,000 stores while providing 3,000+ services in 72 hours during a massive snow storm.


  • Generated weather alerts 48 hours in advance
  • Applied real-time data to determine potential services
  • Controlled costs by maintaining spending levels for each task
  • Used our smart technology and network of certified affiliates to seamlessly roll out services across the country


The retailer lost no revenue during the storm. The 2013-2014 winter accumulated 30% greater snowfall than the previous year, but the retailer amassed 27% savings over the previous snow season with the implementation of our smart technology. A tiered pricing model led to approximately $3 million in savings compared to competitor’s seasonal pricing programs.

Retail Facility Maintenance

Facilities maintenance small box retailer goal: reduce service call volume

SMS Assist reduced the frequency of service calls for a small box retailer with 8,300 locations by centralizing their preventative and reactive HVAC services.


  • Used our smart technology’s data to direct preventative service and predict future services
  • Clarified the cost of each service with real-time information to maintain cost transparency
  • Integrated our certified network of affiliates to manage schedules, work orders, invoicing and quality assurance
  • Provided reports, schedules and budgets through our web-based technology at each store, and at the corporate level, for full visibility
  • Adjusted the frequency of services from the previous year by consolidating the retailer’s needs


The retailer achieved 25% savings (about $3 million) over the previous year through the implementation of our total outsourced solution.