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Alexander Rothman

Chief Product Officer, Board Member

In the past several years and as the Chief Innovations Officer, Mr. Rothman has reviewed the needs of operations and demands of the current market to reimagine SMS Assist systems purposed to strengthen the value proposition and overall solution offering to both the subcontractor and the client. In the design, the focus has been to gather and interpret data in a manner in which leverages the efficiencies of the subcontractor and operations in the performance of basic duties, without placing any added burden on the subcontractor in the process.

SMS Assist has successfully removed the unnecessary touch points in the work flow from both the subcontractor and operations perspective to enable both parties to focus on execution excellence and in support of more effective decision making. The success in the pursuance of this disruptive technology platform to support integrated management of basic FM services is realized by SMS Assist through its extremely favorable compounded annual growth rate.

In joining SMS Assist, who is positioned to manage the total cost of ownership for FM, Mr. Rothman was able to realize alignment with the opportunity and data-driven approach; producing an innovative FM approach that gives SMS Assist a competitive advantage in cost, quality and customer service. The application of technology to basic business has enabled SMS Assist to reduce unnecessary requests and strengthen attention to the exceptions for purpose of root cause resolution. Mr. Rothman continues to explore the coming generation of technology advancement and optimize SMS Assist’s technology offering to both the client and subcontractor to further promote transparency and focus on engaging all stakeholders at every step in the value chain.

Mr. Rothman graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in both Finance and Entrepreneurship. In study of the volatility of the capital markets and data-driven approach utilized to drive efficiencies by operating businesses, Mr. Rothman sought to explore the opportunity in other markets where efficiencies can be leveraged through the application of technology. The veil of opportunity across markets, whether it is Retail, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Education or Industrial, was evident on the Facility Maintenance (FM) spend segment leading Mr. Rothman to his current role at SMS Assist.